This is not about us,

this is about what we do

We are a millennial agency and production company specializing in every aspect of digital advertising: from creativity, through pre production, shooting and post production of several content.
We are Victoria and Julian, a creative couple,
and also a couple
Since 2015 we decided to merge our creativity and tools as content creators in order to provide more than just a service. We both studied careers related to the audiovisual world, content creation, creative work, and brand building. We strongly believe that it is very important to be adventurous and curious people. We want to show the world that doing different things brings a unique value to each idea born from Chirri Peppers. 

We are Victoria and Julian, a creative couple, and also a couple, who together work a lot with dedication and ideas that overcome themselves day by day. That's how we built what Chirri Peppers is today. 

We are currently a 360º Boutique Agency, which produces Content Creations, Content strategy, Brand Content, Social Content, Creative Direction, Films and E-commerce. Because of our work and academic experience we can work in all these areas. 
We grew up along with our clients, and today the objectives are still as challenging as the first day. Except that now we are both bigger, and we encourage each other to walk this path together.

At Chirri Peppers we emphasize the emotional ties, the match between us and the client, since in order to create it is very important to believe and trust in each other. We like teamwork. Our work aims to strengthen the bond between the client, its community and its future consumers. That's why we consider human relations from agency to client important, since that' s what gives value to them and our ideas today. 

If you've come this far, we invite you to explore all our work, ideas, clients and learn a little more about what we love to do: CREATE. Welcome to the world #WeAreChirriPeppers!


Vicky de Tomaso & Julián Montero Ciancio.

Founders of Chirri Peppers.