Wild Sale

Wild Sale

Fera stands out from all its competitors for one thing in particular, their discounts' weeks: the WILD SALE.

wild triad2

We started to give more value to their famous week of discount that is the WILD SALE. Where we started generating jingles, and different aesthetics but telling the same story. The first one was called Fera Airlines. Two flight assistants explaining the audience the best way out to the discounts.

Then the Pool Party made its appearance last summar. But the one that stood out was the last one called "Wild Sale Estrelar" where many animated offers happen otter space. That campaign was Fera's sale's record.

Made and designed by Chirri Peppers. 

Today we're working on the launch of the campaign for the 2021 planners, where we work together with the client implementing our idea and realization of each of the contents.


The campaign transmits a variety of colors after a year as unusual as 2020, to give joy and a shock of hope to the next one.

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